Connect Without internet

Connect to your loved ones even without internet. Send SOS to your Guardian without any internet connection. Rest assured of your children's safety without any 2G/3G/Wifi.

Rise Above Silent Mode

Send SOS Signal and get help from your Father/ Mother / Brother etc even when there phones are in silent mode.

Absolutely No Breach of Privacy

Only the people you have authorised will be able to make or receive distress calls from you. You can add or revoke whenever you want.

Beyond Reasonable Pricing

No one can buy peace of mind. We are not making any profit but only cutting even the development cost. We are affordable even to poorest families. We are inexpensive. Dont call us cheap because are unique and of very high quality.

Our Motto:

Nothing is more hateful than failing to protect the people whom we love.

Our Vision and Mission:

We will find that most of the mishaps happen because of communication gap. People who love us are not able to reach us in time to protect us when we need them the most. We will want to make sure this doesent happen to anyone.

Drop in your Email

Drop in your email at the bottom of screen and we will notify you when we go live. If you have any queries please contact us using the contact form given below. Please like our social media pages, link given at the end of the website.